Trunk Mount Bike Racks

Cycling can be a fun way of getting from one point to another. However, at times you might need to carry your bike on your car bike rack to get to your destination much faster. There are four type of bike rack mounting systems in the market. They include; trunk mount, hitch mount, roof mount, and spare tire mount. Well, most drivers tend to go for trunk bike rack mounting systems as they are the most inexpensive compared to all the other options.

A trunk bike rack is designed to rest at the back of a vehicle’s trunk, with straps holding it in place. The arms and cradles do a good job of ensuring the security of the bike. Trunk bike racks are perfect for recreational cyclists as they can fit on any vehicle since they have an adjustable fit. Even better, trunk bike racks are lightweight, making them portable and easy to mount and take off.

Trunk Mounted Bike Racks Comparison Chart

Wondering which trunk bike rack would be the best for you? Below is an overview of the best trunk bike racks currently in the market

Saris Bones 2 – Bike Trunk Rack – Top Best Trunk Bike Rack

The Saris Bones 2 is the trunk rack to go for if you are looking for something lightweight. The rack is not only easy to adjust, but it also stays put without much struggle. The rack folds down small, making it even more portable; you can decide to have it in your vehicle’s trunk or at the back. The Saris Bones can comfortably carry at most 2 bikes. weighing 35lbs each.

This bike rack is made up of 100% recyclable and rust-free materials. The rack is designed in a way that users do not need any special tools to adjust the position of the arms. The Bones is designed to accommodate both narrow and wide top tubes.


The Saris Bones trunk rack has 5 arched arms and 3 long straps. At first sight, you could think that installing this rack will be difficult since the rack is folded into itself, with straps dangling almost everywhere. Well, in reality, the opposite is actually true. The Saris bike rack has arms to help you loosen the arms easily.

The installation is easy. The only thing that is needed is to unscrew the lock nut, get the arm to the middle of the center beam, and slowly adjust them to work with your vehicle as desired. Users are also needed to work with the feet rotate to ensure that their vehicle is aligned with the rack and that the straps are snugged tight.


Once mounted, the Saris Bones 2 stays in place regardless of driving in rough roads. When tightened, the side straps halt any lateral movements, boosting the stability of the rack. The metal clips are covered with nylon to protect your car from any possible scratches. The Saris Bones 2 is lightweight, but most users have reported that the rack feels rock-solid during use.

The rack does not lock on your trunk, so it is up to the users to decide whether to bring it off during the night or leave it on for the next day’s travel. The straps and clips can get tangled in your trunk when pulling out the rack for the first time. However, this should not bother you as it gets better once you get to know which clip goes where.

The Saris Bones 2 does not work with full suspension designs. However, the rack should not have any problem accommodating your bike if 1 foot of the top tube is straight and has a couple inches of space beneath it. According to the existing users, the anti-sway ratchet straps does not prevent the bike from scratching vehicles. The outer mount does a great job of protecting the bike’s fork from contacting the vehicle on hitting the brakes.

Is This Trunk Bike Rack Recommended?

The Saris Bones 2 is a classic and definitely a game-changer when it comes to trunk-mounted bike hauling. But, just like other trunk bike racks, the Bones 2 has difficulties hauling modern mountain bikes, bicycles with a dropping top tube and small frames.

However, the Bones should be your ideal bike rack if you are looking forward to transporting a hybrid with regualar diamond-shaped frame. In addition, the Saris Bones 2 is lightweight and easy to use without any complications.


  • Strong molded legs and arms
  • Made of non-rusting plastic materials
  • Ratchets are easy to adjust
  • Has anti-sway straps to ensure the stability of bikes
  • Easy installation and taking off
  • Lightweight


  • The straps are not so convenient
  • The plastic straps can rub the bike’s frame painting
  • The plastic screws meant for tightening don’t look very strong

FAQ About The Product

Q: Can it fit 2001 Toyota 4runner?

A: Yes. The rack is pretty much adjustable

Q: Can the rack be used for women’s bikes

A: Absolutely. It will hold any bikes with regular-shaped frames without any problem

Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier – Best Trunk Bike Mount For Vehicles With Spoilers

The Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier is ideal for transporting two bikes. Just like the Saris Bones 2, this bike rack is also easy to use. The Passage mounts to the rear of a vehicle, with 6 straps and Thule’s Patented Fit Dial system to ensure a snug fit. The rack has cushioned anti-sway cradles to prevent bike-to-vehicle or bike-to-bike collisions. Also, the anti-sway cradles have rubber straps to ensure that the bike stays in place.


The Thule Passage comes with a dual-arm rack, which makes the installation of frame bikes easy without necessarily having to use a frame adapter bar. However, you will still require a frame adapter bar to mount small children’s bikes, step-through bikes, or dual-suspension bikes. A bike adapter will still be necessary to ensure your bicycle is leveled up with the rack.


The Passage has proved its ability to transport up to 2 bikes without a hitch regardless of the road conditions. The rack has dual support arms that offer extra stability to the bikes during a transit. When not in use, the arms can be easily folded down to provide a clear view of the rear or maybe to facilitate storage.

Is The Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier Recommendable?

The Thule rack is ideal for going on a seamless getaway trip on the bike trail. The rack is convenient since it is foldable when not in use. The vinyl-coated buckles do a great job of protecting vehicles from being scratched. The rack might not be ideal for hauling certain types of bikes, but at least its advantages outweigh the disadantages.

Choose this rack if you are okay with getting a bike adapter frame, especially if you wish to transit your children’s bikes. Otherwise, the rack is affordable, reliable and strong enough to carry up to 2 bikes.


  • Affordable
  • The adjustment system makes it ideal for vehicles of any size
  • The anti-sway cradles ensure the safety of vehicles
  • Easy installation


  • A bike frame adapter is needed to mount certain types of bikes
  • The plastic holders that hold the straps are weak and prone to wear and tear

FAQ About The Product

Q: Will it fit my car?

A: Probably. The Thule Passage rack is designed to fit various automobile. Be sure to check out on Thule’s website about the racks compatibility with your exact car model.

Q: How do I get the arms attached?

A: There are pins that need to be pressed in order for you to make adjustments effortlessly.

Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack – Best 4-Bike Trunk Bike Rack

The Allen Sports Premier is a perfect tunk rack for transporting up to 4 bikes on a bike rail. This particular trunk-mounted bike rack is compatible with SUVs, minivans, hatchbacks and sedans.


Mounting the Allen Sports rack is simple. However, the rack is a bit heavy. So, be careful, especially if you will be mounting it on your own. It might take up to 10 minutes to hook up all the straps successfully. The rack comes with extra-large steel car pads to protect the vehicle’s finishing. Allen Sports Premier rack has side straps an extra-wide bottom foot to boost the bikes’ stability on the vehicle.


The straps are strong enough to secure up to 4 adult bikes without doing any damage to the arm on which they rest. The bikes will do well even on a bumpy ride as long as the straps are secured with tight rubber ties. It is advisable to have the rubber ties touching the vehicle to avoid any possible scratches.

Is The Product Recommendable?

The Allen Sports Premier truck bike rack is recommendable to people with no vehicle installed hitch and would wish to have a solid tie-down bike rack. The steel frame is sturdy, and the straps are decent to accommodate long trips without any issues.


  • Straight forward installation
  • A perfect alternative for vehicles without hitches
  • Bikes are held securely


  • The straps have to be untied to access the vehicle’s trunk
  • The space on the rack arms can be a little tight to accommodate the fourth bike
  • Time-consuming to mount the rack and upload the bikes. Can take up to 20 minutes.

FAQ about The Product

Q: Is the rack ideal for women’s bikes?

A: It might be a bit challenging to upload bikes with non-horizontal top tubes. You will need to move the bike around at different angles to see what works.

Q: Can I take off the rack on reaching the destination?

A: The rack can be easily mounted and removed. But you do not really have to remove it if your vehicle is packed in a safe area.

Yakima -Fullblack 3 Trunk Bike Strap Rank, 3 Bike Capacity

The Yakima 3-bike trunk has an inter-locking hub and a 4-strap mounting system to facilitate a quick setup of your car. The rack also has adjustable arms with anti-sway cradles and ZipStrip strap for easy bike loading. The Yakima has integrated locks that ensure the safety and security of the rack and bikes.


The dual-arm rack eliminates the need of using bike frame adapter when loading women’s, children or any other alternative frame bike. But still, you might need to get a bike frame adapter to ensure the bikes levels up with the rack. Also, you will need a bike frame adapter bar to load dual-suspension bikes, step-through bikes, and small children’s bikes.


The Yakima allows you to transit up to 3 bikes on your vehicle’s trunk or hatch. It has adjustable arms that ensure the safety of the bikes. The adjustable arms also play a crucial role in ensuring that the bikes are leveled up with the rack. The premium SuperCuch anti-sway cradles are responsible for preventing bike-to-bike collision during the haul. The rack also has integrated TPE pads to protect the bikes’ frames from shocks and vibration during transportation. The rack folds flat for easy storage on the vehicle’s trunk or garage.

Is This Product Recommendable?

The Yakima Full Black is a bike trunk rank that complements modern vehicles and bikes. It is compatible with most vehicle models due to its adjustability. The rank is easy to install and to remove as well. The Yakima is a recommendable bike trunk rack for families with at most 3 bikes.


  • Compliments modern vehicles, bikes and cyclists
  • The ZipStrip cradles ensure maximum protection of the vehicle
  • Easy installation
  • The integrated lock system reduces any chances of the rack getting stolen
  • The rack has a premium finish
  • Easy to store
  • Has an in-built bottle opener


  • Difficult to fit in the third bike without causing any harm
  • You must have a bike frame adapter bar to load small children’s bike

FAQ About The Product

Q: Is this rack suitable for a vehicle with a spoiler?

A: Yes. However, pay close attention to the fit instructions concerning the placement of the straps

Q: My bike has a thick crossbar. Will it fit well with this rack?

A: Yes. It will most likely work with a Yakima TOP Tube adapter

Kaut Highline Trunk Bike Rack Carrier – Best Lightweight Trunk Bike Rack

The Kaut Highline trunk bike rack is made of aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. This rack has an intuitive pivot tray design, which facilitates easy bike loading. During manufacturing, the Kaut Highline rank is equipped with a protective film to offer additional protection to your vehicle’s paint.


The ratchet straps make it easy to load bikes. Again, the ratchet straps are are easy to install and remove, and also easy on the fingers as compared to rubber straps.


  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • No disadvantages have been reported regarding this product yet


Each bike is held in place by 3 ratchet straps, which prevent them from moving back and forth during the haul. The rack is lightweight, making it conveneint to install. It is also foldable to allow easy storage in the vehicle trunk or garage.

Thule Archway XT Bike Carrier – Best Trunk Bike Rack With Anti-Theft Features

The Thule Archway XT bike carrier is compatible with most vehicles with factory-installed spoilers. The rack features the patented FitDial systems, which makes the mounting easy. The arms have anti-sway cradles to ensure the safety of the bikes. Thule Archway Xt trunk rank also has built-in cable locks to prevent the rack from being stolen.


The dual-arm rack eliminates the need to use a bike frame adapter bar when installing children or women bikes. But, you will still have to buy a bike frame adapter bar if you intend to load small children’s bikes, dual-suspended bikes or step-through bikes. A bike frame adapter bar will be needed to ensure the bikes are at a level with the rack.


The Thule Archway has long, arcing body tubes that work to clear factory installed spoilers. It has hold-fast cradles with RDT to protect the bikes from shock and vibration during transportation. The rack is also equipped with a built-in cable lock to ensure the safety and security of the rack and bikes. Thule Archway rack has a patented FitDial system for easy setup of the vehicle.

Is This Product Recommendable?

Just like most trunk bike racks, the Thule Archway XT bike carrier has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is an ideal rack if your car has a factory-installed spoiler. The rack is designed to ensure easy installation regardless of the spoiler at the rear of your vehicle.


  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with modern vehicles, especially those with spoilers
  • Has a lock system that ensures the safety
  • The bikes are protected from shock and vibration


  • Only suitable for factory-installed spoilers
  • Not suitable for hauling small children’s bikes without a bike frame adapter bar

Yakima Hangout 2 Bike Rack – Best Trunk Bike Rack With Easy Installation

The Yakima Hangout 2 is super simple, yet built to last. The rack offers installation convenience for almost every vehicle. The quick trigger hub together with the adjustable straps makes the installation much easier. The hangout 2 has the metal buckles coated and feet padded to protect the vehicles’ paint. The rack is foldable to allow easy storage.

Is This Product Recommendable?

Thie Yakima Hangout 2 is compatible with most modern vehicles. However, be sure to visit their website to ensure the rack is suitable for your vehicle. Otherwise, the rack has more advantages as compared to the disadvantages, and therefore totally recommendable.


  • It is foldable
  • Easy Installation
  • Ensures safety of the bikes and car
  • Durable


  • The rubber strands are hard to secure
  • The cradles slip easily

FAQ About This Product

Q: Is this rack suitable for my vehicle?

A: Probably. Check out the fit information on the Yakima website

Q: My car has a spoiler. Will this rack fit?

A: Probably. Just go to your local store and enquire to be sure

Trunk Bike Racks Buyer’s Guide

Do you wish to transport your bike but your vehicle does not have a tow bar? Well, installing a trunk mount bike rack to your vehicle would be an ideal solution. You must understand that not every trunk bike rack is suitable for your needs. There are various factors to have in mind when choosing your trunk bike rack to ensure that you get the right one.

Considering parameters such as user compatibility, bike compatibility, vehicle accessibility and compatibility will help you to buy the right trunk bike rack for efficient transportation of your bike. Ensure that you choose a trunk bike rack that is strong, secure and easy to use.


At this point, it is clear that there are plenty of trunk bike racks in the market. Various types of trunk bike racks come with different features and specifications. You must understand your needs, the specifications of your vehicle and bikes for you to get the right trunk bike rack.