Best Ceiling Bike Racks

You can choose from a variety of different ceiling bike storage systems in both permanent and portable models. If you’re going to get a permanent system installed, you will also want to choose one that is sturdy enough to withstand years of weight-wearing abuse. If you’re going with a portable system, you can find one that will hold up well under minor imbalances. And just make sure that the one you choose has the right capacity to store your bike and have enough space in which to safely transport it.

Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack

Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack is a unique product that is designed to make your garage space useful and attractive at the same time. Garage floor space is very valuable. It is an important factor in determining the overall design and functionality of your garage. Most garages do not have enough floor space to store even two full size motorcycles. The innovative and sleek design of BikeGlide makes storage of bikes both convenient and safe.

The bike rack itself is made of high quality heavy duty steel tubing to ensure that the rack will be able to withstand years of constant use. The unique folding feature of the ceiling bike rack allows you to easily install it onto your ceiling without having to drill any holes in the drywall. The bike rack has several convenient hook positions that allow you to hang up several bikes without having to struggle. The easy to reach and adjustable rails on all models allow you to securely hang up several bikes without worrying about damaging them while doing so. The easy to clean welded hardware on all models ensures that your racks will always remain looking their best.

Wallmaster Bike Ceiling Mount

The Wallmaster Bike Ceiling Mount offers the best of all worlds for cyclists who require a great number of storage options. These bike racks are designed to hold at least three bikes with room to spare. They are among the best on the market and have proven to be durable and dependable. In fact, they have been so well-received by cycling clubs and serious bikers that they are now being used by more than one million people worldwide.

The unique design allows the user to place their bike on the wall as if it were mounted on a roof rack, which can give it more stability. This is because there is no fear that the bike or its accessories will be tipped over by the force of wind or a falling ceiling. Also, the hooks which attach the bike to the unit are designed so they won’t become loose and allow the bike to move with the user.

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist

The RAD Sportz Bicycle hoist is an affordable, but rugged, easy to use bicycle rack for your garage or closet. Available in many finishes, from powder coating to gloss black, the Sportz bicycle rack will keep its bright color and function for years. When you need a superior, fully-functioning bicycle storage rack, pick up a RAD Sportz Bike Hoist.

When you select this rack, it comes equipped with steel construction and modern design, perfect for storage on ceilings. There are two ways to set up this rack. Either use the included hardware that connects the hooks and locks, or install a hook system that utilizes a threaded steel rod to connect the hooks and wheels. The RAD Sportz bicycle rack offers a simple yet effective design, and several options in weight lifting capacity, allowing cyclists to select the best rack based on their needs.

FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack

FLEXIMounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack-The best overhead garage storage system available on the market today. It is able to support heavy weights and the metal steel construction makes it an extremely dependable and durable choice. They have designed these flex mounts to be simple and easy to install in either residential or commercial building.

An excellent choice for a wide variety of storage spaces, an FLEXIMounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack offers a number of features that make it an excellent storage solution: The ability to expand as required with future plans, easy installation, and superb durability make this rack a fantastic choice for all kinds of purposes. When selecting a storage solution such as this one you should look at the main features to determine how well it will perform, such as the lifting capacity, the material it is made from, the depth of storage space available, the rack weight, as well as the overall design and cost.

StoreYourBoard Bike Storage Rack

A StoreYourboard bike storage rack is designed to provide a safe, secure and easy way to store your bicycles. They come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit most standard wall locations, making them a perfect solution for any home or business that wants to provide easy access to their bicycles. The racks are easy to install and take apart for easy storage and transport. You can store as many as six bikes on one rack depending on the available space.

StoreYourboard offers two types of rack installation options to fit most standard roof racks. The first is the self-install rack which is fairly simple to set up. You simply slide the rack onto the roof of the location you would like to store your bikes and follow the on-screen instructions to secure it. The second is the rack that requires a professional installer if you want to get it installed properly. The self-install option can cost more than the professional option, but will ensure that your store your bicycle safely and securely.

Ceiling bike storage buyer’s guide

You might be thinking that you don’t need a ceiling bike storage buyer’s guide, and that you can keep your stationary cycle out of the garage altogether. After all, you probably have a regular bicycle, and it’s big enough to use as needed, right? You may want to rethink this, though, because your bicycle could have space to spare in its current location. And you may also want to keep your indoor bike indoors if you live in an apartment or a condo, which often limits your floor plans to only one or two rooms. You know what they say about clutter-you don’t know where it’s at until it’s in your face-and storing your indoor bike may be one of the best ways to clear up your living area.

This is why it’s a good idea to buy a ceiling bike storage system, whether you are installing it yourself, shopping for it on the internet, or going with a rental company. The great news is that there are many options available to you, no matter how large or small your area might be. Bike storage systems come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be as simple as a plastic storage crate that attaches to your ceiling or as complex as a multi-level wooden structure that houses multiple bicycles, multiple locking mechanisms, and even lights, benches, and racks for transporting your possessions between storage areas. Most ceiling bike storage systems are designed so that you can install them yourself if you have the skill or inclination, and many of them are also easy to transport and install.